Practice Gratitude – Are you grateful?

Someone had posted this on their facebook wall and obviously it made me weep. How often am I moved to tears? Well at the moment, all the time. One of the upsides of being a hot mess of hormones is that you are REALLY in touch with your feelings. Not always in a good way, like yesterday when I threw a tantrum on the drive when i couldn’t find my car keys ( yes they were in my hand) but most of the time it has been really quite lovely. My screen saver changes to show pictures from my photo albums and I was moved to tears with love for DDH when I saw a particularly lovely picture someone had taken of us at a party having a little slow dance out on the floor. And I had to ring him to interrupt his meeting just to let him know that i loved him very much and was grateful to have him.

I had planned for my birthday to write to all of the people in my life and tell them just how grateful I was to have them. Last year I almost lost my brother when he was hit by a car and with my ectopic on top of that I felt very grateful for being healthy and back on form and having everyone present in my life. But as usual life gets in the way and although I try to make a point of telling people I didn’t actually get around to writing them all a letter to let them know just how blessed I felt. To tell them that the sound of their voice smoothed over the rough edges of my day, that their laugh launched a million giggles in my heart, that I felt humbled every time they shared their hopes and dreams with me, so I took the care to tread gently and help them build them, That their friendship had made an unfamiliar city thousands of miles away feel like my home.

So even if i don’t say it enough out loud, know that I am thankful for you, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being my friend, for having a kind word to say when i’m sad and for calling me out when i’m being a lazy arse. Life is so precious and we should treasure every moment we can spend with our friends and family, and understand that those around us are just trying to do the same thing. In the video above I think they did a great job in showing that life isn’t fair and that everyone’s dream at any given moment is “Big” for them. Don’t feel bad that you want to go to Greece when someone else just wants to be able to take two steps…. feel blessed and grateful that you CAN go, and when you get there enjoy every moment and understand how luck you are.

Love Big and Live Brave. The only thing worse than being dead is not being Alive.

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