Getting a Clue

Today I met the lovely Georgie who is going to be my student midwife shadow for the next 7 months and for The Big Event. All midwives have to follow 20 women through their pregnancies as part of their training and so I volunteered. The way i see it the more care and support and love that i have for the whole process the better. Who ever complained about having too much support or too many people caring about them, their health and their new born. And it hadn’t even occurred to be to be squeamish about her being at the business end. I’m sure there will be a slack handful of medical professionals down there, i’d prefer to know at least one of their names and whether they take sugar in their tea ( she doesn’t drink tea, but she does have sugar in her cappuccino).

So over morning tea i got the opportunity to ask all my questions at which point i realised . . . i don’t have any. not really. . oh my goodness i’m woefully under prepared. i have just over 6 months to get a clue about the whole baby process and start having an opinion on : what sort of birth i want – Natural i think. Pain Relief – hoping it won’t hurt too much and nice thoughts and deep breaths will see me through. Do i wear the owl jammies or treat myself to a new pair – probably need a nightie, don’t think flannel trouser jimjams are going to cut it.

And then the million choices that come after that. It’s true; everyone has advice for you. As a new parent the temptation to cling to every nugget must be overwhelming and yet so many of my friends who are raising spectacular tiny humans seem to being the EXACT OPPOSITE of the each other. So what should i be doing?

I’m a pretty laid back person and i like my life to be full of people i love and care about and very little drama. I’m also very practical when it comes to getting things done. So i’m hoping that this will be the perfect recipe for raising The Beast. Who will have the wonderful beast characteristics of vitality, strength, courage and a strong sense of self. I want to raise a child who is confident and comfortable in their own skin that they always have the courage to speak up for others, who aren’t afraid to be trying something different and new knowing that their pack ( thats me, ddh and worst case Mr Frank) have their backs.

For now, i’m just going to watch this lovely video and cry again.

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